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Helping Donors: Welcome


Trust-based philanthropy, creating bonds of genuine engagement between donors and the nonprofits they support, provides multiple benefits. Donors who support Track & Share are helping to forge those bonds and create more vibrant, high-impact nonprofits. Supporting Track & Share, and the trust-based philanthropy it enables, benefits the donor in objective and subjective ways.

Supporting the measurable impact of Track & Share, and our mission to improve measurable impact in the nonprofit sector, is a tangible way to express personal and organizational values and principles. Other commonly cited benefits include evidence of impact, appreciation of practical outcomes, social recognition, tax benefits, strengthening a sense of community, and acting on the simple imperative that nonprofits are often tasked with providing evidence of impact, but without the funding and resources to do it.

Track & Share welcomes your support:

Individual Giving 

Your personal gift can be made on this website, via wire transfer, or simply mailing a check. Individual gifts form the great bulk of philanthropic giving, and can create follow-on impact by spreading the word.

Foundation Grants

Grants from funders seeking social impact, and improving trust-based philanthropy, can help to achieve their philanthropic aims by supporting Track & Share.

Corporate Giving

Track & Share welcomes partnerships with community-minded companies whose philanthropic aims are aligned.

Agency Contracts

Track & Share can contract with agencies to help their nonprofit partners achieve greater transparency, and performance outcomes.

Helping Manage Grant Submissions and Impact Reporting

A number of online services help institutional donors to manage and streamline the grant submission process while automating impact reporting. Submittable, with services beginning at ~$10K per year, is one such example. Some alternatives are listed here.  

To make a gift, or to learn more about Track & Share, we would warmly welcome the opportunity to hear from you.

P: (415) 891-7316


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